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  • Duration: 6 months

Anatomy and physiology, massage theory and clinical, plus allied modalities). No pre-requisites for this program.

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This program takes 600 clock hours to complete. Normal full-time completion is 6 months.

The program covers each of the subjects listed below, including Spa services and other specialized massage techniques in both theory and practical work.

Students start by learning muscles and the application of various massage techniques to various muscle groups in theory and classroom workshops and eventually move to full-body clinical experiences. (minimum 50 services).

Our course numbering system uses COS for Cosmetology, NA for Nails courses, FA for Facial courses, AFS for Advanced Facial Specialist, IT for Instructor Training, MT for Massage Therapy course).

Our Courses

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History, Ethics RequirementMT-01

Ethical practice and decision making and licensing requirement.

Anatomy and PhysiologyMT-02

Relationship of Anatomy and Physiology to massage, Wellness systems, Physiological change during disease and Kinesiology.

Massage EffectMT-03

The psychological and physiological effects of massage.

Equipment and ProductsMT-04

Ultra-Sound, Electric Stem, Massage oils, Lotions and Gels, Aromatherapy, Body Wraps, and Spa settings.

Sanitation and SafetyMT-05

Universal sanitation and safety precautions and concerns.


Consultations and evaluations, realistic expectations

Massage MovementMT-07

Definition of massage strokes, sequence and rhythm.

Massage TechniqueMT-08

Theory of application, movement and body mechanics.

Massage ProcedureMT-09

Effects, benefits, contraindications, special populations and full body massage clinic. (minimum 50 service requires).

Face and Scalp MassageMT-10

Lymphatic drainage techniques for face, neck and chest; massage techniques to relieve tightness and improve circulation.


Theory, modalities and application. (minimum 10 service required)

Massage in Nursing, Home and HealthcareMT-12

Passive in range of motion, light massage to increase circulation, lymphatic drainage

Athletic/Sport MassageMT-13

Effects and benefits, contraindications and procedures.

Specialized MassageMT-14

Modalities including Facial release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle entructural integration, Eastern Basics and Meridians

Neuromuscular TherapyMT-15

History, theory, and applications.

Therapeutic ExerciseMT-16

Strengthening exercise to archive a balanced body.

Business of MassageMT-17

Business planning, marketing, record keeping and scheduling

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