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  • Last Updated 13 - Jul - 2024
  • Duration: 300 hours

(Basic and Advanced Manicure, Pedicure and Nail Extensions) No pre-requisites for this program.

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Instructional Methods:

In 300 hours, 90 are devoted to theory and 210 to demonstrations and lab experiences in both mannequins and lives.


Students will be graded on selected practical applications, written assignments & written tests. All requirements must be completed before graduation and every grade must be 75% or above.

Students may retake tests to improve grades, but 5% will be deducted for each retake unless taken when reoffered in class. The Nail Tech program is one of the quickest ways to enter cosmetology.

We start with manicures and pedicures, followed by nail extensions (all types). The alternative to this program is the full specialist program, which combines nails and facials.

(Our course numbering system uses COS for Cosmetology, NA for Nails courses, FA for Facial courses, IT for Instructor Training, MT for Massage Therapy course).

Our Courses

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Bacteriology and sanitation theory and procedures (minimum 25 services)


Application and principles to the salon


Theory and practice, including acrylic nail, spa, and booth manicures (minimum 30 services)


Theory and practice, including spa techniques (minimum 30 services)

Tips with overlayNA-04

Application of nail tips with acrylic (minimum 15 services)

Sculpting usingNA-05

Application of acrylic products using a form featuring a form pink and white technique (minimum 16 services)

Nail Wraps and MendingNA-06

Use of various materials to wrap and mend (minimum 10 services)

Nail fillerNA-07

Filling re-growth with the appropriate technique (minimum 10 services)

Artificial Nail RemovalNA-08

Safely removing artificial nails (minimum 5 services)

Polishing and Nail ArtsNA-09

Theory and practice using various materials (minimum 7 services)

French ManicureNA-10

Theory and practice using various materials (minimum 5 services)

Acrylic Different BrandsNA-11

Theory and practice using assorted materials (minimum 2 services)

Electric Drill for AcrylicsNA-12

Introduction to the use of an electrical drill under the tip and for shaping and smoothing acrylics (minimum 7 services)


Theory and practice of paraffin or similar treatments (minimum 1 service)

Gels and FiberglassNA-14

Theory and practice of light curled gels and fiberglass techniques (minimum 13 services)

Nail Theory General with PracticeNA-15

Theory and practice of related subjects, including nail disorders and diseases, corrections, advanced nails, rebalancing nails, chemistry, business and acupressure advertising, techniques, and speed techniques (minimum 7 services)

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