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  • Last Updated 13 - Jul - 2024
  • Duration: 32 week program

Training in Hair Shaping, Color, Permanent Wave, Relaxing, Styling, Nails, Facials and Make-Up

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The Cosmetology program takes 1200 clock hours (32week program) to complete. Normal full-time completion is 12 months. Scheduling may be individualized to meet students need.

We offer complete full-service training, both basic and advanced; a large and active clinic for supervised experience with the public, an intensive basic training program; the “Phase2face Salon”, an advanced designation; and an intensive library with librarian, featuring a full session of current periodicals, books and DVDs on every subject from hair extensions to full cuts including current styling updates.

We have full nail and skin technology programs available; a large retail center with related products knowledge classes in the school. Our unique “Designer Training” program features intensive segments of hair styling, then “D2” cutting. “D3” is color, “D4” permanent waving and relaxing, followed by “D5” hair extensions, facial techniques and & up dos. “D6” is an introduction to nail extensions. Frequent professional seminars and demonstrations guest artists are scheduled.

The following subject are covered in both theory and practical work: (Our course numbering system uses COS for Cosmetology, NA for Nails Courses, FA for Facial Courses, It Instructor Training Courses, MT for Massage Therapy). Services requirements are included in each.

Our Courses

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Hair ShapingCOS-01

Basic technologies using various implements and cutting movement, to include shear, razor, and clipper techniques, precision cutting principles and current trends (minimum 250 services).

Hair ColoringCOS-02

Basic application and theory for semi-permanent, permanent and lightening services, retouching, restoring hair to original color, cap and foil frosting (high light and low)

Chemical WavingCOS-03

Basic theory and application of procedures for waving and relaxing including long hair wraps(perms (minimum 50 services)

Shampoos and RinsesCOS-04

Basic theories and technique for cleansing and conditioning the scalp and hair in preparation for additional salon services, including scalp manipulations (minimum 50 services)

Scalp Treatments and Hair Care RinsesCOS-05

Basic theory and technique for treatments for healthy scalp and improve appearance of a client’s hair (minimum 45 services)


Blow dry, iron styling, pressing, wet mold, roller sets, comb outs, ethnic techniques, trends in styling (minimum 400 services)

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