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  • Last Updated 13 - Jul - 2024
  • Duration: 600 clock hours

(Make-Up, Facial Lymphatic Drainage, Spa Techniques, Advanced Equipment and Techniques, Body Wrapping, Hot Stones and Aromatherapy).

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To prepare our students to be successful in the field of Facial Specialty, Basic & Advanced Instructional Methods: in a context of 600 clock hours, 200 are devoted to theory and 400 to demonstrations and laboratory experiences in both mannequins and lives.

Grading: students will be graded on selected practical applications, written assignments & written tests. All requirements must be completed before graduation and every grade must be 75% or above. Students may retake tests to improve grades, but 5% will be deducted for each retake unless taken when reoffered in class.

This program is 600 hours with a minimum of 300 facial services as detailed below. Normal full-time completion time is 6 months. We start with a skin analysis and basic facial techniques, followed by treatments (facials and machine applications), make-up, waxing, body wrapping product knowledge, hot stones, aromatherapy and vitamin therapy, peels, camouflage make-up, and medical esthetics.

We offer a large Skin Care Training Center, complete with six facial beds, the latest machines, and products identical to those used in many fine salons. It also houses a private Waxing Center and a Body Wrap Room complete with a shower.

Beyond the Diploma program, additional certificates are awarded.

(Our course numbering system uses COS for Cosmetology, NA for Nails courses, FA for Facial courses, IT for Instructor Training, MT for Massage Therapy course).


Our Courses

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Theory and application, Skin Analysis, custom Esthetic machine, Facial Techniques, Skin Types, Sun Damage, Extractions, Body Wrapping, Skincare for men, Lash and Brow Tint, Nutrition for the Skin, Disorders and Diseases. (minimum 20 service).


Terminology and Product Knowledge, Glycolic, Professional Products, Holistic Treatment


Electricity and Machines used in Facials such as Steamers, Brushes, High Frequency, Galvanic, Vacuum, Micro Dermabrasion and Photo Rejuvenation


Facial Manipulations, Spa Services, Prescriptive Treatment (Glycolic, Acne, Hydrating, etc.) Signature Facials with and without machines, masks, following Protocols, Contraindications, use of Skin and Lifestyle Analysis, Applying and Removing, Lash and Brow Tinting (minimum 150 Services).

Hair RemovalFA-05

Tweezing and Waxing (hard and soft), Threading Sugaring, Chemical Depilatories, Brow Shaping, and Full Face and Body Works. (minimum 22 services).

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